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Anahita Fan Pars Co. (AFP Co.) is Maintenance Connection's sales agent and offers MC CMMS/EAM consultation, customization, installation, implementation, training and support services in Iran.

What is a CMMS?

CMMS stands for Computerized Maintenance Management System.
A CMMS software package helps you manage and plan the maintenance of your organization, company, factory, or plant's machinery, equipment and facilities. You can use CMMS to carefully plan and track your preventive maintenance schedules, and save time and money by making better maintenance decisions. Choosing the right CMMS can help you utilize and manage your human and financial resources better and increase productivity in any industry.

Using a world-class CMMS greatly helps improve planning and make right decisions at the right time for maintenance management. Maintenance Management Software makes it possible to schedule maintenance activities precisely so that minimum reactive maintenance activities are required.  Moreover all maintenance information are stored in a CMMS database and can be retrieved easily and used for valuable analysis to make your maintenance management more efficient in your organization.

How can a CMMS help you?

Improve Maintenance Planning and Decision Making
- Plan preventive and predictive maintenance activities
- Store maintenance records to help you assess your maintenance management and make better decisions for repairs and replacements based on actual equipment records

Improve Productivity
- Minimize unpredicted equipment and machinery downtime
- Improve scheduling of maintenance team
- Manage daily maintenance activities more efficiently

Save Money
- Prevent expensive repairs and costly unpredicted equipment and machinery downtime
- Monitor parts costs and requirements and make the right inventory investments

What are the objectives of a CMMS?

- Improve efficiency of maintenance staff by precise scheduling of human resources
- Reduce maintenance backlogs by tracking issued work orders
- Expedite maintenance tasks by issuing work orders automatically
- Reduce paperwork and assign work orders quickly
- Minimize unpredicted equipment and machinery downtime
- Increase equipment reliability
- Prolong useful life of equipment by planning and tracking preventive and predictive maintenance activities
- Invest on inventory items optimally by avoiding excess and obsolete inventory
- Analyze maintenance information and records to assess maintenance activities and optimize procedures
- Generate up-to-date precise maintenance reports for managers to evaluate maintenance management and efficiency